Nessa Telrunya

Tall and slender, about 24 y/o, White Tiger Enchanter


    Nessa Telrunya is a wizard and enchanter of no small abilities. She studied under the expert tutelage of Kelien the Archmage for many years before venturing out on her own with a small band of friends. Things were starting to go well for them until some fateful problems arose on a trip to Minder and she was possessed and forcibly made to agree to terms with an ancient god who had taken up residence in her head.    

    She abandoned her friends for fear they would be casualties in the war she knew she must fight to regain full control of herself. She headed off to a land of savages where the Spirit of the Harvest’s mores were more in tune with those of the native population and after many months they concluded their agreement and she was free. The Spirit of the Harvest migrated from her to the shaman of the village and she returned home as quickly as possible.

    She returned home to Tredroy and found things were somewhat different than they were she she left. Her rooms had been turned over to a Knight of St. Christopher, her lab had been sold off, many of her friends were dead and the city was on the verge of a major change of power. Certain elements in the city had continued to move forward with the machinations she was involved in before her departure and revolution was near.


    Nessa is about 5' 7'' tall and under 100 lbs, fully encumbered Nessa is right at 110 Lbs. While only a year older, she looked much different. Her once well-worn leather suit had been replaced with clothes that made her appear far more feminine. She still wore leather pants, but they were mostly covered by the soft, purple tunic under which was her Silversilk, the arms of it extending down past the edges of the tunic much like the pants. She had on a black leather belt from which hung a mighty, iron gauntlet on the left and a pair of daggers were at her right side. Above her left shoulder sat a shrunken head atop a three foot stick which she could also wield as a weapon and which held a small portion of her magical power. A larger portion was kept upon a bejeweled bracelet upon her left wrist and the last of it was within a teardrop shaped stone worn as a necklace.

    Nessa now has two Wizard apprentices, Reilly and Nathanial at the White Tiger. Both of the Wizards are able to enchant items by themselves. Nessa plans on teaching them to make items with her. Nessa plans on making many items to assist the party.

Nessa Telrunya

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