Ser Issac

A loyal, old war veteran whose word is his bond and his strength


   Ser Isaac Silverlight is a man of middle years that has seen numerous campaigns on the Megalos Border. He was knighted by Duke Gavin of Dekemera, the current Duke’s father, and has served their house faithfully ever since. He is completely loyal and would put his life and everything else at jeopardy before risking Duke Taveon.

   He stands just under six feet tall is is heavily muscled even in his apparent retirement. He has lost the hair atop his head but still sports a white ring of short hair around the sides and back. This mustache is white as well and tapers down on both sides of his mouth.

   When traveling undercover across the realm, Ser Isaac goes by the name Roberts of Craine and carries his weapons and armor in a steamer chest.

Ser Issac

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