Sin Kwang The

A Shaolin Monk(practitioner) Who is the sword arm for the comman man! A King with no subjects is just a man


Sin Kwang The: 5’9’’ 160lBS very built body fat 6% Age 30, Eyes deep blue(very rare for Chinese)and hair :) black peach fuzz. Has two burn tattoo of a tiger left wrist and dragon on right. The mark or marks of a Shaolin Monk. Sin always has his Buddhist monk beads on, as well as a ear ring on his left ear. His attire is very basic. It’s either the Grey/blue or Orange monk uniform, or the standard black kung fu uniform. For dress he will either go Orange monk uniform or white silk kung-fu uniform. At first look when you see Sin you will notice a nice pouch that also is always on him and people have said it seems to hold a lot more then what you think it could. Some even say he has pulled a full sized spear out of there. He has two escrema stick very detailed carvings on them. For a long time Sin had swords but now caring around escrema sticks. Some say they are swords, but only one way to find out and Buda only knows you don’t want that. He also has a suit of Full Plate that is very good quality and magic. It’s black with a tiger striping over it. On the left forearm is a full Maw from a tiger on the armor to tell what rank he is among the White Tigers. Also around Tredroy you will more likely to find him with his White Siberian Tiger at his side. And on left breast is the White Tigers symbol for all of his attire.


Sin Kwang The’s History

Su Kong The (Sin’s Father) was transported from his world to this strange place. Similar but very different. Su Kong family in China, was one of the best fighters in the world. Their techniques where second to none. He grew up learning his family’s martial art. A Form of Shaolin Kung Fu, specializing in “Tiger Style.” Rumors of his deeds was far and wide. From being able to take a spear to the windpipe and suffer no damage, to not being cut by a sharp blade. His hands and body was like Iron yet soft. A strike from his “iron palm” could leave no visible mark on the skin but rupture the insides. He was heading to his family’s house to have his father give him the title of Grandmaster, but he was taken to this new world on his way. Su Kong instead of ending in his hometown ended up just outside Tredroy. In shock it took him a while to put his mind around what happened and to accept that he can never go back. Su Kong very depressed fell in love with Fang Ho Chan, A very beautiful Chinese woman. Fang inspired Su Kong to continue life and to embrace his new life. He did so and married Fang Ho. Little did he know it would be his and his family’s undoing! Fang Ho Chan was a master in the Ho Chan martial arts and Wing Chung. They started practicing together and found the styles mix very well, TOO well. A few years past and the New art is born a deadly mix of styles to form the The family martial art. Fang became with child and she gave birth to twins Sin Kwang The and Ie Chang The. Sin being the older by 5 minutes. From the age they could stand they practiced martial arts with mother and father. By this time Su Kong had a very successful school going. And as he did, like in the days back in China he started special Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments to prove what martial art was the best. In every Tournament Su Kong’s school came out on top. At the age of 7 Sin started to compete in the youth tournaments. That year the Ho Chan Martial art School attended the Tournament. In horror to find their art mixed with some other CRAP! Su Kong Married a shunned daughter of the grandmaster of Ho Chin Style Martial art. This stated a feud, every year they came back and every year they lost! 3 years this went on. At the age of 10 Sin and his brother life would change forever. After the Tournament, a very brutal one, where one of Su Kong’s students was killed by a student of the Ho Chin. It was not a fair fight the Ho Chin student was a teacher in disguise. Su Kong found out and was furious! He found the “Master” and in a single blow killed the Ho Chin Master with his Iron Palm! With such force even though he hit the center of the chest, the back of the man was blown out. About a softball size hole. Su Kong, got his family and went home. Some days past, one night the Ho Chan Family came to take revenge. The bought extra help, Merc’s and mages. Su Kong and his school was out numbered 20 to 1 it was a slaughter! Su Kong and a few top students held off as long as they could to get Sin and Le Chang out of the school and pray they survive. Sin’s Last memory was being struck by something and before darkness took him he saw his brother in a crimson mask of blood. Sin never really knew what happened; he woke up screaming and swinging at anything that moved. As Sin got up pain shot threw his body and fell. He was helped up by a monk that explained what happened. The monk told Sin that he was found hidden in the smoldering ruin of his home/school with the family martial arts book(a history of his father’s style). With a blood soaked note saying to take care of him who ever finds this and give him these books when he is ready. The books are his father’s notes and everything on his style. Sin took time to heal mentally and physically, everything he knew was dead. His entire family! What Sin did not know is that his brother too was saved but not by the Shaolin monks, but by a family member of the Ho Chin. Sin is now living in and with the monks learning everything he can. He is a troubled student though. Getting into trouble and starting fights. He has something to prove and revenge to get! Sin continues his studies and by the age of 13 gets his black belt. At that time he is shown his father’s books. Sin is very happy but that turns to disappointment. As Sin does not understand 90% of what’s there! He just does not get it. The monks become his Family but as hard as they try to calm him and show him the path, they understand that he will have to handle the demons by himself. And as time passes it does get better, but Sin never totally gets over it. Keeping it in the back of his mind. Sin by the age of 20 is ready to take the test to become a full member/monk of the Shaolin. At that time in preparing, Sin comes to terms with what happened so long ago. He vows to never forget, but to not let the anger control him. That is what gets him threw the trials. And earns his burns on his forarm! A tiger on the left and a dragon on the right. The monks know it’s time for him to leave as he will never truly belong there, and his is granted the status of a practicationar. A monk that can leave get married and whatever. Sin is on his way but still cannot understand the book his father wrote and his mother died to make sure he got. As Sin makes his way in Tredroy, he starts to try to understand his father’s teachings. He is driven to learn as much as he can. Years pass and the Ho Chin learns that someone lives from that night. And as much as Sin wants to leave the past alone. He is not giving the chance as he is attacked by the Ho Chin’s, anytime they see him. He does not or tries not to kill but to show them they are not even in his league. Time passes Sin Becomes a Sergeant with the guild and finds a Master to put things together. After learning with his new master, Su Kong’s teachings start to make since! It will take time to fully understand everything but he quickly masters a Chi Strike that he can do at distance and even starts to learn his Fathers Iron Palm technique. And his Iron skin. He starts to follow the teachings and things are finally coming together. Maybe just maybe his father’s style will not die but will live on. It will take time and patients. He is driven and now that he has a wife, his demons are finally at rest or so he thinks! Little does he know his brother is still alive somewhere! Maybe even in Tredroy!

Sin Kwang The

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