Currently living underground in Tredroy


Leon worked as part of an Organization of Freelancers, or rather a Thieves, Spies, and Assassins Guild for most of his life in Araterre.

Leon met the White Tiger mercenary company on the Grand Expedition to the continent across the sea. After the company he was with was killed by spiders he found himself adventuring on the new continent with the White Tigers.

Upon returning home he traveled with them to the City of Tredroy. While there he accepted a job to eliminate the leader of the Inquisition as he arrived in the city. While he managed to escape with his life, one of the Knights Templar, Derek of the White Sash, was able to identify him and Leon was forced to go underground.

Leon is still underground in the City of Tredroy. While he has been cleared of all charges by the Governor for working undercover during the coup the Curia has excommunicated him in absentia.


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