Marshal One-Leg ibn Araterre

Resides at the Rampant Hampster Inn in West Tredroy


Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank you for the recent influx of wealth that has come my way due to your prowess in the arena. Such a bounty will go long in seeing what needs to be done gets done. Such an accomplishment will not soon be forgotten.

Alas, the short respite did take me away from a quest to find information pertaining to the assassins in North Tredroy. I have deduced their equipment and through such deductions have found a lead to them, but I warn you not to follow up with any type of magical locating ideas as I now know such will fail. I urge you not to part with the green gemstone ring as it will be nearly impossible to recover.

I have also found terms with the family that are amenable for the time being and may be able to liaise if need be from time to time. This may or may not abate vengeance, but they will be safe in the near term.

You may contact me by sending a message to the Rampant Hamster Inn in West Tredroy.

Your friend,

Marshal One-Leg ibn Araterre

Marshal One-Leg ibn Araterre

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