The resident battlemage of the White Tiger Mercenary Company



Physical Features

Age – 30
Height – 6’2”
Weight – 195
Build – Muscular
Hair – Bald, eyebrows and facial and body hair is black
Eyes – Blue
Distinguishing Features – Various runes and patterns tattooed over the head and body all colored black.
Clothing – While not in combat Shane normally wears a brown hooded robe with everyday boots and clothing underneath. While in combat Shane wears black metal plate armor that covers his whole body up to his neck. The gauntlets have spikes on the knuckles. He has a leather collar and helm he uses in combat until a better alternative is found.
Jewelry – Shane has two rings on one his left hand. Three on his right, they are all silver and the three on the right have powerstones in them with power stones in them, all magical.


Shane is a native of the City of Tredroy.

After showing magical talent at a young age he was trained as a wizard. While studying he had an unfortunate encounter which left him bonded to a living embodyment of magical energy, a trickster spirit by the name of Hicitib the Destroyer. He had his body tattooed to help ward off Hicitib but it does not always keep him away.

After leaving school Shane joined a mercenary company and for many years fought in a private army in the Orclands.

After returning to Tredroy he took various jobs until his friend Trian One-Eye turned him on to a job as a battlemage at the White Tiger Mercenary Company where he joined the group right before the coup which transformed the City of Tredroy into it’s own country.


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