New Fire Spells

Melt Faces
    The caster’s hand is wreathed in flames and will deal 1d damage for every 3 FP the caster puts into the spell.

    When used as a Melee spell, the first target struck in the head after the spell is cast, will find their flesh suddenly melting from their face as if their face was made of wax if they fail a resistance roll against their HT.

    When used as a Regular spell, normal range penalties apply and the target get a +2 to their HT roll to save versus the effects of the spell.

    The amount of facial loss is equal to the damage done from the spell. HP/6 damage will leave the face melted in a grotesque visage while HP/4 damage will completely remove all the flesh leaving a horrific skeletal visage – no more than HP damage may be delivered with this spell. This will not kill the target, but it is horribly painful.

    Loss of all the flesh will leave the subject with Monstrous appearance, while a partial loss will leave them with Horrific appearance. Restoration or Regeneration will restore the flesh and appearance, but short of that, the disfigurement is permanent..
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Cost: 3 to 9
  • Time to Cast: 1 second
  • Prerequisites: Magery 2, Alter Visage and Heat or at least 12 Fire spells
  • Item: (a) Staff, wand or jewelry. Energy cost to create: 900.

New Fire Spells

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