Tag: mercenary


  • Shane

    Physical Features
    Age - 30
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 195
    Build - Muscular
    Hair - Bald, eyebrows and facial and body hair is black
    Eyes - Blue
    Distinguishing Features - Various runes and patterns …

  • Silas

    Silas is from Cardiel. He moved to the city of Tredroy at the age of 25. He has killed 3 men in his lifetime and he regrets none of them. He is moderately skilled with a one-handed axe and shield and he wears heavy armor. All of which he inherited from …

  • Cliph

    Cliph hails from the Nomad Lands. His family moved to Tredroy when he was very young because they desired a life where they did not need to fear being eaten by a bear or his uncle, they then converted to Christianity. Cliph is a huge man with large …

  • Sandra

    Sandra is a native of North Tredroy but was orphaned at the age of two when her parents were killed in a tragic accident. She bounced around from one section of Tredroy to the other through her teens where she learned the art of pick pocketing and the …

  • Demenek Brightblade

    Demenek has been a councilor in the Mercenaries' Guild for ten years now, after rising up through the ranks from an Armsman. He is a seasoned warrior who has become a shrewd politician and can operate in both theaters with ease. Demenek is well known …