Take 2

Sailing to New Jerusalem

Sailing, planning and a minor disaster.

World Dates: 2010-07-24 to 2010-08-01

   The ship made it’s way slowly. The river was rushing a bit and Sable ordered a combination of sail and oars as they pushed upstream. She was completely unfamiliar with the River Conn and so it didn’t make the going any easier; she felt as if they were creeping.

   Sin would spend some time practicing, as would Nessa and Shane, and then Nessa and Shane would work on other pursuits as Sin went to help with the rowing. Nessa continued to work on her combat techniques, thinking she could really use a bit better ability in a fight, if she saw another fight. Shane on the other hand pushed himself toward magic. Sable did all she could to keep the ship moving, never happy with the results she was getting and lastly, Ella hid herself away and worked up some design specifications for both a new rifle and the bullets it would need.
   And so a couple days would pass as they passed the River Makaren in the night and started heading more northward to Raphael. There were only five men on duty that evening, the light wind pushing them forward slowly. Most everyone was sleeping when the ship lurched and listed to port with a horrible sound of twisting wood and violent lurch which brought the ship to a standstill, but left everyone else in motion.
   Sin, Shane and Sable found themselves waking while in mid-air and then each fell hard to the deck. The others didn’t realize they were airborne until they landed and were jarred awake from the shock. Sable took off immediately for the quarterdeck while Sin and Shane fought to their feet and headed upwards to the main deck.
   Sable found the quarterdeck empty and so grabbed the wheel from habit though it wasn’t moving. There was only a single man on the main deck and the lookout was holding onto the crow’s nest for dear life as he was over the water and seemed scare. She yelled at him to get down, though he could barley move at the moment.
   Sin and Shane made it to the main deck and slid port-ward to the edge. The river water was just a couple feet below them and rushing quickly. Both men scanned the water. Sin saw both men in the water while Shane only saw the closest one, but it was enough for him to cast a spell of flying and leap over the edge. He grabbed the first man easily enough and dragged him back aboard deck then Sin pointed at the other toward the stern and he went after him too, grabbing his hand as he dipped under the water.
   A few men were streaming up on deck while Ella was looking to go down. The lanterns were gone though. Sable was shouting orders to the men on deck, but was answered that there were already men below checking for breaches. The men on deck mulled around waiting to see what was going to happen. Slowly, everyone made way aboard the main deck and reported there were no breaches.
   Sable thought they might be able to use a technique similar to what they used cleaning barnacles to put the ship back into the water from the sandbar they ended up on. Ella agreed that it was possible, quickly diagrammed out the means to do it and then offered to oversee the work. Sable was impressed, as was everyone else and they offered to follow her lead and direction come day break.
   The next day saw the ship break free. Ella had them weight anchor on the port side and then showed the men where to attach ropes to the Starboard. From there it was just a manner of hard work and pulling from the nearby shore to get the ship to slip back into the water. Once Sable determined there was little enough wind to propel them along this river, she also ordered the mast down and so Ella oversaw that work too. It would take the whole day to get the work done and it would require all hands, but it would get done.
   There was celebration and relaxing that night, the ship kept anchored now that their only motive force was by oar. The next day was all rowing as they pushed northward toward Raphael. Sable was nervous and so kept closer to the center of the river which had widened to nearly a mile or more. Other vessels passed, going north and south and so she knew they were relatively safe.
   Raphael would be a good place to put into port for a few hours. They were running low on supplies, but felt there was enough to make New Jerusalem. Right now though, Sable just wanted a Periplus for the River Conn so she could see what the river was about. It didn’t take long to locate one on the wharfs and then they were on their way again. With the Periplus to give her a feel for the river, it was easier to know where and how to go and their speed increased dramatically and only a couple short days later they found New Jerusalem on the horizon.
   With New Jerusalem on the horizon, they decided it was time to see what Ser Issac had for a plan. He spoke of their subterfuge and what could be done and then recommended he and Shane be dropped off with horses so they could appear to have come via the road while the ship made way to the city and could prossibly dock unobserved once they had made their way.
   This seemed like a good plan to everyone and so the ship was brought as close to the bank as possible and Ser Issac, Shane and a couple of horses were sent off a gang and into the water. The two men and the horses made way to the bank and then were on the road and heading for New Jerusalem, drying in the late-afternoon sun and when evening had fallen, they made their way into the foyer of the Spider Silk Inn.
   Meanwhile the ship continued on into port and spent a day looking normal, taking on provisions and looking as if they were going to start searching for cargo. Sin and Nessa stayed aboard ship where they couldn’t be seen.



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