Take 2

The Adventure Starts.

War Rages, Ships Sail.

World Dates: 2010-06-21 to 2010-07-08

    Both Nessa and Shane prepared for the attacks upon the Cardien troops by consuming one of the potions of Missile Deflection. They poured forth a little bit of energy into the fluid as they quaffed the potions and felt the magic run through them. Sable and Sin turned their telescopes out onto the field to see the action as close as they could safely do so.

    Nessa summoned forth her magics and wrapped them around the essence of fire to bring forth an elemental of significant power. Once done, Trian wrapped it inside a mystic illusion that made it appear as if it were a Cardien soldier. Finally, Nessa activated one of the rings on her fingers and found a large fireball in her hand. All was ready for Shane.
    Shane looked upon the onagers in the distance and upon the cloaked fire elemental before him and in a blink of an eye, the elemental was gone and standing next to the onager. He took Nessa’s hand into his own and thought about the onager that was the furthest out and the two were gone, arriving there in but a moment.
    Nessa took a moment to regain her bearings as the world swam before her eyes. Finally, she managed to realize her footing was upon the fore of the onager and so she slammed her fireball into the mechanism. It exploded and the onager was rocked, but it still held. She started building another one even as Shane prepared to move them out. He watched the Cardien troops as they scrambled, trying to realized what was happening and Nessa slammed down another massive fireball and the mechanism was destroyed.
    Shane grabbed hold of Nessa again and the two were instantly back upon the walls of the city. There was a brief moment of commotion at their reappearance, but then everything was fine. Sin and Sable relayed back to them that the elemental had destroyed it’s onager in a single hit and had moved on like it was told, but was running into resistance amongst the troops. The troops were fairing poorly but were starting to adapt to the obvious supernatural qualities of their foe.
    Nessa prepared another fireball and once she was ready, Shane took her hand and the two blinked out of existence once again and arrived atop the last onager. Nessa was ready to act immediately this time, as was Shane and he started summoning forth a fireball even as Nessa launched hers into the mechanism. The onager rocked, the two feeling it in their feet, and then the arrows started raining down around them. Both stood their ground without fear as the arrows passed within hair’s breadths before them and then Shane slammed down his fireball even as an arrow embedded itself into his groin.
    There was a moment of startle since items of magic failed so infrequently, but it happened. His damage was done though, the onager was destroyed and he grabbed Nessa’s hand once again and the two of them teleported to the top of the wall again.
    Sin and Sable continued their narrative of the battle below, but it ended quickly once the Cardien troops figured out a safe way to dispose of the fire elemental amongst them. Sin congratulated his team for an inspiring Monday morning as they headed back to the White Tiger for breakfast and their morning workout. They were only a few minutes from home so they made the trek quickly, ate and started their practice.

    The morning passed, and just after lunch Sin was summoned by Billy Bob for a potential client. The man waited in the private room they used to conduct such business in the tavern. Sin opened the door to see a face he had never expected to see…the was Demenek Brightblade Brightblade, Councilor of the Mercenaries’ Guild. Demenek Brightblade rose when Sin entered the room and greeted him with what little warmth he could muster.
    “Master Sergeant The, I have come to congratulate you on this morning’s battle and your flawless victory.”
    “Thank you, Councilor”, Sin replied, “but it was not I alone, but the White Tiger which performed so well. For that matter, I wasn’t even upon the field.” He chuckled at this praise for the work his wizards had done.
    “Yes, the field commander relayed the report of your victory. I cared little about who did the work, only that it had been done. Your victory though leads me to think of you in newer regards and I’ve come with a proposition for you and the White Tiger.”
    “I should gather my Sergeants then if we should discuss matters of such importance.”
    Demenek Brightblade agreed and Sin left to gather his sergeants which would include Shane, Cliph, Sandra and Silas. He would also bring forth Nessa, Sable and Trian in advisory capacity.
    The room would be filled fairly well with the eight of them and Demenek Brightblade would explain what was happening. The city had needed to determine a way to bring in more money and had decided they would sanction “micro-guilds” with the aid of the Heralds’ Guild and Mercenaries’ Guild which would have many of the same perks as being members of the Mercenaries’ Guild or Wizards’ Guild, but they would report to the city and not the guilds. This would open up these Free Companies to operate much like Practicals within the city, but would limit the amount of dues and taxes they needed to pay by allowing them to reduce their required charges and would thus stimulate the economy.
    The Mercenaries’ Guild had chosen six current Mercenary Companies that they would sponsor to become Free Companies, and White Tiger would be one, under certain provisions. Firstly, even though they had done such a successful job this morning, there would be one more job for the White Tiger to do before they could be sponsored, but should they do it, the paperwork would be done and would only require the last signatures and all would be done.
    Demenek Brightblade continued to explain. “Out intelligence has shown that the Cardiens are bringing forth another legion of troops and should be here within six to eight weeks. While we were starting to think we might have things wrapped in Eastern Tredroy,” everyone noticed he used the newer vernacular than the old-style language of East Tredroy when it was part of Cardiel as well, “in about that time frame, but this added legion will make things very difficult for us.
    “We may have a solution, but we need a good company we can trust that has the ability to provide long-distance transport. In the city of Dekemera is a man by the name of Ferdinand Antigua who has offered to help our city in the name of Megalos, but we will need to see him safely here. It was our thoughts that since the White Tigers have allied themselves with a merchant captain,” he said this with a hint of sarcasm as he looked at Sable, “with a vessel that could make the time we needed, that this simple job would be offered you as a last duty while we prepared your paperwork.”
    All eyes were upon Demenek Brightblade and then they shifted to Sin to see what response he had. He wouldn’t answer just yet, but instead begged a day to discuss and think and so Demenek Brightblade Brightblade bid them farewell until the morrow.
    What Demenek Brightblade had laid out seemed like a good idea. The White Tiger was having a hard time as of late with the difficulties in the city. They were doing good Samaritan work by handing out free food in their neighborhood and providing security of the area, but their income had dwindled dramatically and the coffers were starting to be tapped. This new proposition sounded good and would allow them some greater freedoms than they’d had before.
    Sin asked everyone their feelings upon the matters and upon completion of their talk, it was decided this would be the best future for White Tiger to move onto. Sin sent Sera forth to tell Demenek Brightblade of their decisions while Sable would prepare the Mystral’s Tryst to sail.

    The Mystral’s Tryst still sailed regularly under the writ of al-Wazif, but had little work as of late. Shipping was only going through al-Wazif as all others were barred by the Cardien picket line a short ways down the Blueshoal River. She had been dropping crew little by little as times got tighter and work shorter, but she held onto as many as she could using her own money to fund them.
    She found John Swift, her first mate, aboard the ship and prepped him as to what they were going to be doing. She wanted the ship ready to sail in five days with the crew rounded up. Swift acknowledged her orders and told her he would make preparations.
    In the meanwhile, Sable really needed to find some cargo to support the trip to Dekemera, but had to little in the way of personal funding to do anything too lucrative. What she really needed was someone that needed a cargo shipped and she had short time to find someone. In the end, she was only able to come up with half a hold and even that was at less than normal rates, but it would keep the ship and crew going for a couple months if things were bad.

    The Mystral’s Tryst would set sail on June 26th, 2009 with a shortened crew of only 33 members, Sin, Nessa and Shane. Sable estimated it was roughly seventeen-hundred miles to Dekemera and they would have some time to while away.
    The next two days were spent moving slowly down the river by oar and stopping at each picket the Cardien Navy had emplaced. The third day was spent putting up the mast and sail so they could speed things up a bit and by day 4 they were able to catch the wind and move via sail instead of oar. The days passed away until July 5th when they saw Hadaton come across the starboard bow and they were fully into the Mare Medium and by July 8th they had crossed the Mare and were docking in Dekemera without any incident.

    There was still daylight to kill after docking and so they split into groups. Sable would hunt down her contact that was supposed to take the cargo and provide her payment, while Sin, Shane and Nessa would head into town toward the Castellian to find Ferdinand Antigua.
    The city was large, though not nearly so large as Tredroy. Still, there was an unfamiliar scent to it, the accent of the Anglish speaking natives was a little different and the city just felt different. Sable had warned them of the Megalan laws regarding weapons and armor and so they had to enter town with some feelings of vulnerability as their plate mail and swords would be left behind.
    The group sought out a money changer, but when they found the rate of exchange, they were somewhat leery of changing too much money. Shane also thought the city might have a Mercenaries’ Guild like Tredroy where they could get passes to wear their arms and armor, but when they were presented with a note for ten Pounds, they were somewhat taken aback and decided they could deal without arms and armor.
    Another couple hours passed as they asked and worked they way through the city to the Castellian. A pair of burly guards stood before the main doors and they barred the way of Sin, but seemed to care little about Shane and Nessa. Sin was simple enough going though and let Shane and Nessa in to see if they could find Ferdinand Antigua.
    Inside, the Castellian was the epitome of posh and luxury. They approached the concierge and asked of Ferdinand Antigua and were given a scroll, sealed with wax, but there was no signet. They took the note back outside to Sin and the group moved back toward the ship even as Sin broke the seal and read the message..

Dear Sirs

    It is with regret I must inform you that matters have conspired against my being able to remain in Dekemera at this point. I travel to Yibyorak by road and hope to see you there. I will wait at the Grand Ball Inn as long as I may.

Ferdinand Antigua

    When they made it back to the ship, they told Sable what was going on and that their time was short. She was to collect thirty-eight pounds upon deliver the next day, and so acquiesced to leaving with an empty hold.



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