Take 2


It all starts from here...

   It had been a long year of relative peace in the city of Tredroy. While there was the constant threat that one of the major countries around them might attack, things in the city progressed most of the time as they usually had. People went about their daily lives, bought and sold things, ate, drank and were generally just as happy as they were before they lived in the Free City of Tredroy. That is the way it was up until approximately two months ago…

   Sin Kwan The is the head of the White Tiger Mercenary Company and is a master martial artist. He inherited a tome that held the secrets of his father’s martial arts, but try as he might, he couldn’t quite understand them until he happened upon an old kobold master who was able to shed light upon their meaning. Once he understood the basics, the techniques and powers of his father became his and he was able to use them to finally finish the old feud between his family and their rivals.
   He tries to live a simple life but since he chose to live righteously after his impromptu marriage, life has been almost everything but simple. Happily, his wife Mailei stands by him and supports him in everything he does while trying to help out by being his more social half. Now, she negotiates while he fights for the commoners, trying to see the land’s nobility don’t forget where their power comes from..
   Recently, Sin has opened the White Tiger Dojo and recruited his old friend Dai Xi to run it and train anyone willing to pay. They’ve managed to acquire a few students interested in both the martial arts and the philosophy of Buddha. He is also part owner of the White Tiger Tavern with Nessa Telrunya and Shane the Pyromancer.

   Nessa Telrunya is a wizard and enchanter of no small abilities. She studied under the expert tutelage of Kelien the Archmage for many years before venturing out on her own with a small band of friends. Things were starting to go well for them until some fateful problems arose on a trip to Minder and she was possessed and forcibly made to agree to terms with an ancient god who had taken up residence in her head.
   She abandoned her friends for fear they would be casualties in the war she knew she must fight to regain full control of herself. She headed off to a land of savages where the Spirit of the Harvest’s mores were more in tune with those of the native population and after many months they concluded their agreement and she was free. The Spirit of the Harvest migrated from her to the shaman of the village and she returned home as quickly as possible.
   She returned home to Tredroy and found things were somewhat different than they were she she left. Her rooms had been turned over to a Knight of St. Christopher, her lab had been sold off, many of her friends were dead and the city was on the verge of a major change of power. Certain elements in the city had continued to move forward with the machinations she was involved in before her departure and revolution was near.

    Shane is a Journeyman in the Wizards’ Guild and now a full member of the White Tiger Mercenary Company. He is as much a wizard as she is a warrior, capable of annihilating his foes with fireballs or swords depending upon his mood, but he does prefer to see the fire consume them. This was an attitude born of the pain and suffering he found in the Orclands where any mercy could lead to your death.
   After so many years abroad, he came home as he had realized he had grown too jaded and needed to get away from the Orclands. His home of Tredroy welcomed him back and his newfound abilities made it easy for him to find work and that work eventually led to a position with the White Tiger Mercenary Company and his ability proved to be what they needed in their time and soon he was a full member and was even given a share of the White Tiger Tavern.

   Sable is the newest member of the White Tigers, though she is currently more an asset than a partner. She was on a trip a number of years ago with Sin and his company, and even though they had never met, when she needed help she turned to the greatest warriors she knew. She was surprised to find that his company had dissolved and he was the only original member left but she took a chance that he was the reason his Company would be the best.
   She took him, Shane, Nessa, and their apprentices away to Araterre to help her solve the mystery surrounding the deaths of those she loved. In two months they managed to find the web that started with her father and ended with her brother and the misery that was wrought by them both was too much for her and her grief led her back to Tredroy with the new companions where she would stay for a while.
   Sable owns a medium-sized ship that once was used for more lucrative purposes, but now serves primarily as a cargo ship. Her crew is completely loyal to her and she is loyal to the White Tiger Mercenary Company, friends she has developed and cultivated over the past year.

   The Free City of Tredroy had declared it’s independence on November 17, 2009 and was attacked shortly after by Cardien troops. The initial attack was easily defeated by the new powers in the city; the old Viscount de Lurnan, the Baron Dorillis and the heads of the Marcoli family joined together. The new powers brought hi-tech weapons, troops and money to the city where their years of independent planning were able to be merged into a cohesive coup.
   Now, the city is under siege. Cardiel and al-Haz have both invested over ten-thousand troops apiece to attempt to retake their sections of the city. al-Wazif on the other hand has recognized the new city and is working with them, but their providence is not altruistic and the country is taking a good share of money from the city, possibly to help them recoup their monetary loses in their most recent war against Megalos.
   The new city is not doing well as food costs have risen to nearly three times their levels a year ago and those of lesser ability are struggling if not starving. Classism is starting to run rampant as those with a little bit of money are able to keep themselves fed, while the underclass cannot. The tension in the city is at an all time high and another revolution appears to be on the horizon. Even though al-Wazif is benefiting from the Free City of Tredroy, they still did not like the loss of their greatest city and would rather have North Tredroy back and so antagonize the situation since they entered into it under duress.

   The Mercenaries’ Guild tried it’s best to rotate which Companies they called up so that no one company would get the brunt of the war to handle. This time, the White Tiger ended up being called for a mission that was vital to the stabilization of Eastern Tredroy. The Cardien troops had finally brought forth artillery and were in the process of entrenching three onagers just south of the White Tigers and could use them to destroy buildings or send in contaminated food or disease-infested vermin.
   Since this was something that would test even the best troops, Sin called his group together and would allow only Shane, Nessa and Sable to join him. The rest of the Company would be assigned to their normal routines and to hold things down in case anything went wrong. They made their way to the wall to see what they could see.
   The Cardien troops could be seen south of the wall a couple hundred yards away. It appeared as if there were almost a thousand of them in close proximity, broken into three smaller groups to keep close tabs on each onager. About a dozen men were at each onager, actually doing the assembly while archers and footmen could be seen nearby keeping a wary eye. There were at least a hundred mounted knights amongst the men as well.
   It was immediately obvious that a frontal assault would not be possible. As they perused their possible means of attack, it became obvious that only a coordinated and rapid strike of powerful magics could possibly manage this. This left things to Shane and Nessa to handle and so they brainstormed and came up with a plan.

   Nessa would summon up a huge fire elemental which Shane would then teleport to the central onager. Just after that, Nessa would prepare a large fireball and then she and Shane would teleport to the most inland siege engine where their combined might would hopefully destroy it. Both they and the elemental would then converge on the last onager to destroy it, they by magic and the elemental a’pied. And so, it was time to start implementing the plan….



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