Take 2

Hope at Last
Reading is Fundamental

World Dates: 2010-08-03 to 2010-08-03

   After some breakfast and the usual morning workouts and the realization that nobody was dead yet, it was time to continue their interrogations of the Baron, though nobody really knew how they should go about such a thing as his waking moments were still pierced with wails about how they had poisoned him and his death was imminent.

Sailing to New Jerusalem
Sailing, planning and a minor disaster.

World Dates: 2010-07-24 to 2010-08-01

   The ship made it’s way slowly. The river was rushing a bit and Sable ordered a combination of sail and oars as they pushed upstream. She was completely unfamiliar with the River Conn and so it didn’t make the going any easier; she felt as if they were creeping.

A Little History Foreshadows the Future
The Trail Evolves, a Tale of Horror

World Dates: 2010-07-23 to 2010-07-23

   Morning came, Sin practiced and the world seemed somewhat normal. Slowly, the group found themselves awake and merging into the common room for breakfast. Breakfast was quick and consisted of porridge, sausage links and milk. Once breakfast was done, they migrated back upstairs to discuss their plan for the day.

Duke Taveon at Last
The Duke is rescued, his motives revealed, a new mission

World Dates: 2010-07-21 to 2010-07-22

   Sin and Ser Issac looked around the wood close by to see if there was anything they could use. They realized that trying to carry the two bodies out was going to be exceedingly difficult if nothing happened, and near impossible if something arose. There wasn’t much at hand to use but trees and branches. It would take them a little while to hack through some limbs and branches and weave them into a pair of sleds; nothing pretty but probably ample enough to get the two out and they could drop them if need be. The two men started through the wood, carefully eying every step they made and they grunted forward. The sleds helped to lighten the loads a bit, but they dug into the soft ground.

Meeting a Dark Elf Master
A twise of fate, a dark elf master and a friend lost

World Dates: 2010-07-21 to 2010-07-21

   Everyone stepped back away from the slowly drifting poisonous smoke. Knowing what the elf had done at this last, Shane guessed where the pastille might be and figured an area large enough to encompass that where all fires would be extinguished. The smoke started drifting slower.

A Cave in the Blackwoods
The Blackwoods take their toll while the party pushes forward

World Dates: 2010-07-21 to 2010-07-21

   Sin pushed his blade up and behind him, trying to catch the wolf on his back, and managed to hit him square in the neck. The splash of blood that hit him was hot and violent and he knew it would soon turn sticky, but there wasn’t anything to do about it just yet. With the wolf down, and heavy upon his back, he tried rolling and swung his blade around to strike at the wolf tugging on his left leg and caught it square as well. As he did so though he noticed the majority of the wolves making a sudden break for the trees.

Into the Blackwoods
Darkness and Evil surrounds them as they search for Duke Taveon

World Dates: 2010-07-21 to 2010-07-21

   By “ride”, Ser Issac really meant they would walk, bonded in their mission as the wood was only a mile or so away and they all knew they would have to forgo their mounts shortly after entering the woods. For the initial part of the foray they had decided to try to stick to the paths and trails as much as possible until Nessa bade them to push through the darkened wood.

The Game is Afoot
The Party meets Ferdinand Antigua....almost

World Dates: 2010-07-09 to 2010-07-21

   The better part of the day was taken up with the unloading of the ship. The contact had arrived when he had said he would and with the money he had promised and so Sable turned the cargo over to him. They winched the cargo out crate by crate and once the hold was free, Sable gave word to set sail once again. John Swift and the rest of the crew were confused that they might be leaving harbor without a full cargo, or even part of one, but since she paid their wages, they did as she said.

The Adventure Starts.
War Rages, Ships Sail.

World Dates: 2010-06-21 to 2010-07-08

    Both Nessa and Shane prepared for the attacks upon the Cardien troops by consuming one of the potions of Missile Deflection. They poured forth a little bit of energy into the fluid as they quaffed the potions and felt the magic run through them. Sable and Sin turned their telescopes out onto the field to see the action as close as they could safely do so.

It all starts from here...

   It had been a long year of relative peace in the city of Tredroy. While there was the constant threat that one of the major countries around them might attack, things in the city progressed most of the time as they usually had. People went about their daily lives, bought and sold things, ate, drank and were generally just as happy as they were before they lived in the Free City of Tredroy. That is the way it was up until approximately two months ago…


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